Not every orthodox parish, especially in rural areas, has a financial capacity to order hand painted icons for new churches. The hand painted icons are the ideal solution, but usually they are outrageously expensive. If there are no funds for good icon painted by an orthodox iconographer, or, in extreme cases, by regular artist, then the high quality reproduction can do the job. It is possible in modern world  to obtain a high resolution photocopy of any size. It can be done by using a digital SLR camera, as well as equipment and materials for large format printing.

You can, for example, print an image by solvent printing method, for outdoor advertising on the self-adhesive matte film Oracal up to of 1.5m in widths. This print can withstand intense light and moisture. However, for such big images  the large size icons files are necessary. Currently, these files are very difficult to find. We have decided to scan or take pictures  of icons and biblical paintings  and then print from large format plotters.

The quality of the reproduction  largely depends on the size and quality of the original. After scanning or photographing, the files  will be cleaned in Adobe Photoshop  of debris, scratches and othes imperfections. We do not change the color saturation, brightness and contrast. You can contact  the printing company and order  the copy of the size you want by having in your possession high resolution files of icons. Be sure to specify  the print size and changes in color saturation, brightness, and contrast if you wish such changes. Printing can be done on canvas,photo paper, self adhesive film Oracal, blueback paper, City Light and other materials.